Mario is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Cadiz (Spain) working for clients worldwide.


His work is conceptual and eclectic, pushing out stereotypes and definitions, believing that design can be artsy and art can be designed to create unique, bold and impactful visual solutions.


He has helped brands, products, and human beings catch the attention of their audience in the advertising, branding, packaging, fashion, and editorial industries.


Mario won’t give you a response regarding the meaning of life but knows perfectly the secret language of a dog’s tail.

Who let the dog out

Mario was born in Cádiz, Spain, a southern paradise surrounded by sun, sea, seagulls, and jokes, in 1986.


Right after weaning, his grandmother placed a pencil on his hand, and grew up scribbling in the kitchen – sometimes on the walls – while his mother cooked dishes of unique flavors. His aunts collected drawings and his grandfather asked “Does the kid keep drawing?”.


He obtained a double degree in Law and Business Administration at the Charles III University of Madrid and, afterward, he converted into an earthling who helps brands, products, and human beings catch the attention of their audience through bold and impactful visual solutions.


Although Mario has never been focused on awards, his work has been recognized on different occasions. He accepts them because somehow they gave him the energy to start his creative career.


Nowadays, he works from his studio based in Cádiz.


Shortlist Communication Arts
CSS Design Awards
Cresta International Advertising Awards
Folio Eddie & Ozzie
Young Lions Czech Republic 2015 (visual selected by the client)
Weart Festival Barcelona
XII National Competition of Illustration
National Competition Lorenzo Goñi of Illustration


People of Print

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Projects featured and recognized by different organizations, media, and digital platforms specialised in design.


Apple | The Guardian | Lane Crawford | Women’s Health | El País | Maxim | Damm | Skoda | O2 | Threadless | Raiffeisen Bank | Milka | Hero | Air Baltic | Oreo | Unipetrol | Standart | Krups | Perrier | Jägermeister | Staropramen | Porsche | Mattoni | Benzina | Kofola | Wustenrot | Panalpina | Barcelona Beer Company | Collective Arts Brewing | Novy Prostor | Eyeyah!