Mario is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Cadiz (Spain) working for clients worldwide.


His work is conceptual and eclectic, pushing out stereotypes and definitions, believing that design can be artsy and art can be designed to create unique, bold and impactful visual solutions.


He has helped brands, products, and human beings catch the attention of their audience in the advertising, branding, packaging, fashion, and editorial industries.


Mario won’t give you a response regarding the meaning of life but knows perfectly the secret language of a dog’s tail.

Jazz Vejer Visual Identity

Branding, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Event Design – 2023

Jazz Vejer is an intimate festival that avoids the crowd, where quality is more important than quantity and experience is the key. An event made with the heart where one can enjoy jazz music in a special environment. Jazz Vejer is a festival for the senses, a place where good music is accompanied by excellent gastronomy, the smell of spring, the light of Cádiz, the green of the mountains, and the blue of the Atlantic.


The first edition was held in 2016 and from the first year, the team achieved notable public success and recognition at a professional level in the jazz sector.


For 2023, the team was looking for a new image to break all the stereotypes. They did not want to show the event as another traditional festival visually based on classic elements and musical instruments of this gender, nor did they seek to make a direct reference to the environment where the festival takes place since they had already done so in the past editions. They were looking for something really different, all this to capture a young and mature audience that seeks quality and a good atmosphere.


With these premises, a visual identity was developed where openness, improvisation, fun, and diversity are highlighted through different shapes, bold color schemes, and typography, without forgetting the human, close and personal touch through handcrafted strokes and scribbles, creating a strong and eye-catching graphic contrast.


Based on the main visual, and thanks to its flexibility, different marketing materials were created to extend and keep the image of the event, including posters, banners, social media posts, and other collaterals, for its different communication channels.


Featured on Adobe InDesign Gallery, People of Print, World Brand Design Society.


Marcas, Identidad Visual, Diseño Gráfico, Diseño de Eventos – 2023

Jazz Vejer es un festival íntimo que evita la masificación, donde la calidad es más importante que la cantidad y la experiencia es clave. Un evento hecho con el corazón donde disfrutar de la música jazz en un ambiente especial. Jazz Vejer es un festival para los sentidos, un lugar donde la buena música va acompañada de una excelente gastronomía, el olor a primavera, la luz de Cádiz, el verde de la montaña y el azul del Atlántico.


La primera edición se celebró en 2016 y desde el primer año logró un notable éxito de público y reconocimiento a nivel profesional en el sector del jazz.


Para 2023, el equipo buscaba una nueva imagen para romper con todos los estereotipos. No querían mostrar el evento como una fiesta tradicional más basada visualmente en elementos clásicos e instrumentos musicales de este género, ni pretendían hacer una referencia directa al entorno donde se desarrolla el festival, ya que ya lo habían hecho en ediciones anteriores. Buscaban algo realmente diferente, todo para captar un público joven y maduro que busca calidad y buen ambiente.


Con estas premisas se desarrolló una identidad visual donde destacan la apertura, la improvisación, la diversión y la diversidad a través de diferentes formas, atrevidos colores y tipografía, sin olvidar ese toque humano, cercano y personal, mediante trazos y garabatos hechos a mano, creando un fuerte e impactante contraste gráfico.


A partir del visual principal, y gracias a su flexibilidad, se crearon varios materiales de marketing para extender y difundir la imagen del evento, incluyendo posters, lonas, posts para redes sociales y otros colaterales para sus diferentes canales de comunicación.


Destacado en Adobe InDesign Gallery, People of Print, World Brand Design Society.