Mario is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Cadiz (Spain) working for clients worldwide.


His work is conceptual and eclectic, pushing out stereotypes and definitions, believing that design can be artsy and art can be designed to create unique, bold and impactful visual solutions.


He has helped brands, products, and human beings catch the attention of their audience in the advertising, branding, packaging, fashion, and editorial industries.


Mario won’t give you a response regarding the meaning of life but knows perfectly the secret language of a dog’s tail.


Illustration, Toy Design, Character Design, Crafts, Print Design – 2023

LAB1876TALENT is a program run by Damm Group among its employees. Within it, a campaign called ‘All About The Dreamers’ was developed.


The worker, after filling out a questionnaire, fits into a specific profile that responds to a different character. Each employee can print it out, place it on the desk, and share the profile with the team, so every member knows what kind of dreamer is.


Four different characters converted into paper toys were created for this project, including ‘The Visionary’, ‘The Thinker’, ‘The Arquitech’, and ‘The Constructor’.


Featured on Behance Illustration Gallery, Packaging Of The World, World Brand Design.


Ilustración, Diseño de Juguetes, Diseño de Personajes, Artesanías, Diseño Impreso – 2023

LAB1876TALENT es un programa que el Grupo Damm lleva a cabo entre sus empleados. Dentro de la misma se desarrolló una campaña denominada ‘Todo sobre los soñadores’.


El trabajador, tras rellenar un cuestionario, se encuadra en un perfil concreto que responde a un personaje diferente. Cada empleado puede imprimirlo, colocarlo sobre el escritorio y compartir el perfil con el equipo, para que todos los miembros sepan qué tipo de soñador es.


Para este proyecto se crearon cuatro personajes diferentes convertidos en juguetes de papel, entre ellos ‘El Visionario’, ‘El Pensador’, ‘El Arquitecto’ y ‘El Constructor’.


Destacado en Behance Illustration Gallery, Packaging Of The World, World Brand Design.