Mario is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Cadiz (Spain) working for clients worldwide.


His work is conceptual and eclectic, pushing out stereotypes and definitions, believing that design can be artsy and art can be designed to create unique, bold and impactful visual solutions.


He has helped brands, products, and human beings catch the attention of their audience in the advertising, branding, packaging, fashion, and editorial industries.


Mario won’t give you a response regarding the meaning of life but knows perfectly the secret language of a dog’s tail.

One City, One Nation, Undivided

Graphic design, Illustration, Branding – 2017

One City, One Nation, Undivided is a youth-led campaign started in Chicago.


The mission of the campaign is to bring together the youth across the city around social justice issues like equitable funding of education, police accountability and care for our undocumented youth.