Mario is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Prague (Czech Republic) working for clients worldwide.


His work is conceptual and eclectic, pushing out stereotypes and definitions, believing that design can be artsy and art can be designed to create unique and eye-catching solutions.


He has developed projects for the advertising, branding, packaging, fashion, and editorial fields.


He won’t give you a response regarding the meaning of life but knows perfectly the secret language of a dog’s tail.


Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, Print Design – 2021

Poster_escape is a project based on a collection of 36 posters. Each of them has been designed within a concept, mixing society, daily life experiences, and humor.

The link between all of them is the escape. Humans, animals, and aliens try to find disconnections from reality and everyday life in several ways. Sometimes escaping from the escape itself.


Featured on People of Print, World Brand Design, We And The Color.